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About Us

A nonpartisan 501c3, charitable organization, whose mission is to raise the economic, educational and social level of families in low to moderate income communities.


Our Goal

To improve and enhance the economic stability and financial security of the citizens in Louisiana by advancing public policies and programs that build economic and financial security over a lifetime.


Our Work

Since 2014, our work has consisted of a dynamic collaboration of local, regional and national activists, organizations and community members advocating for structural changes and solutions to promote social economic programs, and confront public policies that are barriers to building economic security, in low to moderate income communities.

The results of our work is REAL:
Research. Education. Advocacy. Leadership.

TMI works in collaboration with local, regional, national organizations and think tanks that through research, solutions and policies, fight for economic mobility, financial security, inclusion, justice, and broadly shared prosperity.


TMI works to secure economic justice and entrepreneurial opportunities for women, young, aspiring entrepreneurs. and marginalized individuals; we seek to equip them with tools and resources, and work to break down barriers that stand in the way of starting and growing their businesses we help turn an idea into an economic reality,


TMI promotes grassroots long-term citizen-based activism utilizing voices to make impact and start meaningful policy debates and solutions at the local, state and regional level. Our aim is local advocates, service providers, and practitioners interested in engaging with a grass roots advocacy coalition to help strengthen financial and economic security in the communities they serve to achieve financial stability for everyone.


TMI provides and supports leadership development and training opportunities to, cultural leaders and community organizations with knowledge, resources and tools needed to advance changes to public policies that are barriers to building economic security, mobility and financial stability.

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